Memorial Flowers Preserved in Resin Letter

Memorial Flowers Preserved in Resin Letter

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Immortalise a special flower by having it infused into resin. A beautiful keepsake to remember a treasured person or a treasured moment in time... 

Please be aware that you will need to get the fresh flowers to me as soon as you possibly can, ideally delivered by hand (or packaged and posted at your own risk and expense), and before they start to discolour and wilt. I can send you instructions for how best to do this.

The flowers take 3 weeks to fully dry and the resin casting and curing can take a further 1-2weeks. Please do bear in mind this is a lengthy process, but it is so worth wait.


Please also be aware that due to the delicate nature of this preservation technique, certain flowers can sometimes change slightly in colour, and become transparent when set. There is nothing I can do to prevent this happening, but it never takes away from the beauty of these keepsake pieces. There is also a very small risk that the flowers won’t dry sufficiently and will rot as a result. This is rare but can sometimes happen if flowers aren’t open enough for the drying sand to get to the insides, or if they have already started rotting by the time they’re put in the sand but this cannot be seen from the outside. I try to preserve more than is needed in case of this outcome so please be sure to bring me as many flowers as you have, not just the ones you like best.

Please drop me a message to confirm which letters you would like, once you have placed your order. Please note that due to being top-heavy, letters F, J and P are not freestanding, I can provide a sticky-pad on request.


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